Client Projects

Abriss Corp Construction has combined experience of over 40 years working as a prime contractor and subcontractor for state, federal, municipalities, and private sectors.  Our construction projects include; land clearing/grubbing, installation of all utilities, emergency response work in and around environmentally sensitive areas, land slide repair, parks and recreation – trails and facilities, installation of lagoons, remodel/repair of real property, demolition of large public buildings and private dwellings, temporary bridge installation, removing and replacing roadway surfaces, septic and sewer installation, dam armoring, and storage facilities.   Here are some of our recent client projects:

Department of Reclamation

-Grand Coulee Dam Third Power Plant Transformer Oil Containment Basin
-Located at Grand Coulee Dam

Reconfiguration of CME Building 7 for the US Navy

Decommissioning of Road 2510 and 2515 for the US Department of Agriculture

Demolition and replacement of the taxiway for the North Bend, Oregon Coast Guard Air Station

Emergency Truss Repair for the Fairchild Air Force Base

-Rebuilt nine trusses
-Trusses over 150 feet long, over 24 feet high
-Replaced top and bottom cords and windcord
-Installed new truss split rings